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Tiller Vs Cultivator: How To Use Them Properly

Tiller VS Cultivator: There are various types of cultivating instruments for land or garden which we can use for our essential purposes. Different instruments have different facilities in use for cultivating land or garden. Tiller and cultivators are two important instruments among them. These two instruments are almost the same to look in agricultural usages but they have quite different uses among agricultural usage. You are not only one thinking they are the same in concept and design but most of all think the same too.

After all, you just need to find out which one between the two instrumental mechanisms you need to use. For this kind of purpose, first of all, you should have a clear concept that which instrument is made for what kind of function to be performed. These two different types of instruments possess a different field of capability that they can serve you it’s own service. When one of them lets you work in a larger area with its great tines of blade and strength then another will offer you an extra facility to handle it easier and quicker to churn your soil comparatively in a small area.

The following discussion will help you to find out which one is best for you to use depending on their similarities, differences, and uses. In this article we’ll discuss cultivator uses, tractor cultivator vs tiller, what is a cultivator used for, uses of different types of cultivators, hand cultivator uses, garden cultivator uses, cultivator definition, cultivator vs tiller.

Similarities between tiller and cultivar

Front tine tillerFront tine tiller
A Front tine tiller
  • First of all, let’s take a look at what kinds of similarities they possess according to their performance in the field of service.
  • The first one you will see them in the same design to look at. An inexperienced person or who is new and going to cultivate his land or garden for the first time can get into hesitation in the choice that which one he has to buy or use for his land. If someone doesn’t have a clear concept then he can spoil his money to buy or rent it.
  • Secondly, they both contain metal blades to dig into the soil. According to the functional work for cultivating land, it can be identified easily that tiller and cultivator both works on the land or soil surface to dig out.
  • Another similarity you can find that both are worked by the service of electricity connected by wire/wireless or gasoline service.
  • They have an identical common shape in the body, with the cultivator looking like a scaled-down version of the tiller.

Tiller vs Cultivator: Difference between tiller and cultivator

Garden cultivatorGarden cultivator
A Garden cultivator

The main and very first difference you will find with your bare eye that is in size and shape. A tiller is comparatively larger in size than a cultivator. It contains a huge engine in front of the body and to run it requires too much power of electricity which can be obtained from gasoline instead of a wired line or battery. It contains a set of large tires with heavy-duty and weight. You will find the metal tines are located whether at the front side or back side depending on types.

A cultivar you will see in a comparatively smaller size in the body shape than a tiller, hence makes it easier to handle. If you use any type of lawnmower then you can easily recognize the size of it. It is the same size as a lawnmower has. Just like a tiller, it contains also metal tines which will help you to churn and stir the ground soil. The machine having the tines connected to the frame using clamps. These clamps allow you to adjust the distance between the tines depending on your gardening needs which you want to cultivate.

A cultivar requires less energy comparing to a tiller as it has a smaller engine of two strokes than a tiller which contains a four strokes engine. Engine power can be attained from both a wired line and a wireless source. As it is used in a smaller area in a minor work, it doesn’t require too much power to run on.

How to use tiller and cultivator

Here is the main key to understanding the fact when you should use a tiller or a cultivar as your needs. From the above discussion, we can recognise easily a tiller or a cultivar. But how and when we should use the specific one is not clear to all. Let’s have a look at the topic below:

Uses of a Tiller

A tiller is used at the very beginning of the cultivation of land or garden. You should utilize it at the beginning of the year to make the gardens or land ready to plant. It is because a tiller has heavy-duty tines which will help you to till your land and break down soil deeply in a larger area. Generally, a tiller contains tiles comparatively stronger and thicker than a cultivator which is used to break down the soil which is hard enough or rocks remain under the soil.

These tines are built of heavy-duty material to prevent breaking when you cut through the hard ground or rocks. These tines could be dangerous for the drivers who will drive and handle it. In this case, the tines are covered by some protective guard which will help its handler from any accidental incident. As well as you should be careful enough during it’s handling time too.

Uses of a Cultivator

Generally, a cultivar is used to churn or stir the soil
instead of breaking the larger and the hard one. You can use it just to loosen
the soil. They are also used between the rows to eliminate the weeds and to
keep the soil aerated as well as to blend the soil before planting. It has great
use for mixing fertilizer and compost into the soil too.

It makes the main difference according to use between a tiller and a cultivar. A cultivar will not allow you to break down a large amount of hard soil instead of stirring it only. Thus it is not so dangerous or risky to handle. As a result, it has the metal tines under the machine without any cover.

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