How to use a wood chipper shredder

9 Powerful Tips On How To Use A Wood Chipper Shredder Easily

How to use a wood chipper shredder step by step: A wood chipper is an important essential tool for a gardener or lawnmower. A wood chipper is defined as a large power tool that you can use to reduce the greater amount of debris in your yard by cleaning up and disposing of. It is a wonderful solution for residential areas that can solve a number of problems. They are very helpful for clearing large piles, branches, logs, twigs, and leaves that allow for cleaner, safer working areas.

The debris that is unnecessary for your yard can be repurposed by a wood chipper. Wood chips and leaves can be used as a fundamental component of garden mulch. These mulches can keep the soil moist, suppress weeds, and retain the moisture content of the soil. Also, it makes your garden a manicured looking. On the other hand, decomposed mulch is a great source of fertilizer that improves the fertility of the soil

Types of wood chipper shredder

Mainly the wood chipper is available in the market on the basis of various types, sizes, and power sources. Also, These have various sizes and abilities. But many professionals recommended that a gas-powered wood chipper is best for anyone who wants to chip his woods, trunks, leaves, logs, and branches because it can be established in any area. 

An electric wood chipper has a cord that is plugged into the wall. It is very cost-effective and you can easily purchase it at an affordable price and they are smaller in size though there has no additional weight of fuel sources. Also, it is easy to move and there is no need to purchase fuel for every time and less maintenance. However, electric wood chipper is less powerful than gas-powered. You can not feed a large branch because of the less powerful they can not handle. On the other hand, the availability of electricity is not possible everywhere.

By contrast, the gas-powered wood chipper is very effective and mobile as they don’t need any cord, also they are more powerful and you can fix it any distant place which you can prefer.

It is also important to choose a different type of blades that you want or prefer. Different type of blade makes different shapes, sizes, and thickness of wooden chips. You can also find multiple options for blades that make a larger or smaller wooden chip. When you are a novice you, it is better for you to use a smaller blade then you can upgrade it later.

How to use a wood chipper shredder

How to use a wood chipper shredderHow to use a wood chipper shredder
How to use a wood chipper shredder

Personal protection

To safely operate a wood chipper machine it is very important to wear personal protection equipment (PPE). It will help you to protect from different wood chips and debris that are flying away from the machine. There are a number of safety procedures that can decrease your risks.

Clothing and attire

You have to wear tightly fitted clothing like shirts, pants. You must assure that your clothes don’t have a loose end or baggy pants. Wear safety gloves that avoid scratches or nicks to your hands. Wear a boat or steel-toed shoes to protect your feet to avoid serious injury from falling debris. Wear safety goggles so that the wooden pieces or debris flying out from the wood chippers don’t scratch your eyes.


You have to use a long stick or wood when feeding on your wood chipper to push the material. This will keep your hands and face a safe distance from the blades. You must avoid the operation of the machine from a high traffic area and avoid where the people are gathering most.

Clean and maintain

After operating your machine you have to clean the area properly. You must choose a clean and safe area to operate your job. And after finishing you must clear the area very carefully as any breaking blade parts can be found in the area with broken woods and debris. You must follow a maintenance schedule so that you must avoid any kind of damage to your machine, you, and others.

The user manual of wood chipper shredder

How to use a wood chipper shredderHow to use a wood chipper shredder

When you start to use a wood chipper firstly you have to learn about the machine and read the basic manual of the machine that is instructed. There are no fixed instructions for all chippers. It largely varies in sizes and abilities of your chipper. But it is important to understand how to safely and efficiently operate your chipper machine. Don’t worry, I will give you some simple and easy instructions for your chipper that make your work very easy. You don’t so hurry, follow the simplest instructions that I am going to tell you. So, let’s go.

1.Place it on level ground: You must place your chipper machine on level ground and ensure that your chipper is on an even and solid surface. If your machine moves or trips during operation, this could be a very dangerous situation.

2. Make a perfect direction of deflector: Most chippers for wood have a deflector and most chutes are adjustable. These allow you to have control over the direction and distance the wood chipper will through the chips. The most wood chipper will have a couple of clamp knobs on the deflector that can be easily adjusted to control the through distance. Rotate the chip chute towards a container to keep a clean workspace.

3. Set the parking brake: If you are pulling your chipper machine with other equipment like a tractor, set the parking brake prior to starting the machine and assure that your equipment doesn’t move. This is a crucial safety measure that your machine won’t go anywhere once you start your machine and start feeding debris through it. Also, the tractor can be used to keep the wood chips or debris which keep your area clean.

4. Check your power source: You must check your power sources. If you use a gas power engine, assure that your machine is full of gas to operate for a long time to complete your job. And if you use an electric power engine make sure that the cord doesn’t crimp or damage to operate

5. Tighten all nuts and bolts: You must tighten the nuts and bolts of your machine before using it because wood chipper creates a quite bit of vibration. Also, you have to tighten those nuts and bolts after every time use of the machine when it becomes cool.

6. Feed the blunt end fast: The wood chipper processes the blunt end very easily. Always you must feed the chipper thick end slowly so that the wood chipper can easily grab the branch. Never feed anything that is larger than the recommended into your chipper. This can be dangerous for you that can scratch or cut you by backing up and spitting the larger material to you.

7. Feed a mixture of dry and green leaves: You must feed a mixture of dry and green leaves rather than the separate use of them. Only dry leaves or limbs can make the work very difficult, and if you use a mixture of dry and green that will assist with the lubrication and cooling of the wood chipper knives. You only chip natural and untreated wood because the wood that treated with chemicals can damage your chipper blades and other internal parts of your machine.

8. Sharpen the chipper blades: After every time use your chipper please check your chipper blades. If it becomes damaged or lost it sharpen you have to make your blades sharp. You will get a proper angel if you sharpened it professionally.

9. Always stand on the side of the hopper: Always you have to stand on the side of the hopper rather than stand in front of it as you will feed the branches or other portions. This can help you to prevent serious injury as some debris can escape forward or the machine can be blown the materials forward.

Uses of wood chips

There are many repurpose of the wood chips. After completing your work you will get a lot of wood chips that you can use for a different purpose like mulch for your garden. This is a great source of mulch and can be used as an effective mulch. This can retain your soil moisture and increase your soil fertility when it decomposes. You can use all your chips –

  • As mulch for your garden
  • As building paths
  • As bedding in stables for horses or livestock.
  • As an opportunity to use your imagination.

Final words

Always read the operator manuals carefully before operating your machine. Using a wood chipper machine makes your garden clear and clean. Your lawn is an essential part of your life. So, if you want to take care of it without a chipper machine it is very hard and takes a long time from your leisure. After purchasing the best wood chipper, you must follow the manual and know how to use it. It can create a beautiful workspace and don’t take your additional time. If you follow the above procedures you will get a perfect idea of how to use a wood chipper that will make your work very easy.

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