How To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker

How To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker in 5 steps

How To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker: For maintaining a yard or a place like a lawn or garden, we need several things. These type of things gives our place charm and no one wants it to be messy at all. Into the lineup for those essential tools, trimmers are included. For precise cutting and detail trimming for all types of shrub and hedge trimmers are very necessary.

They include sharp blades that can easily get the job done for you and save your important time buy doing it with scissors or any other cutting tool. You have a plethora of options for choosing a trimmer for your task but among them, one common name is Black and Decker. They produce electric and battery-based trimmer, which is very effective because of their both sides’ long and sharp blades.

How To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker

These blades are made from hardboiled steel and that’s why they are very sharp. But after using them for a long time and if it gets in contact with a strong object like stone or glasses they sharpness might reduce a bit. At that time, it requires sharping the blade again for the expected performance. Not all the time we need to change the whole machine or the blades but we can just make things right in an easy way by sharping the blades. However, people generally ask is it safe to sharpen the blade by ourselves? Or, how to sharpen the blade?

Well, sharpen the blade of a trimmer is not a hard task to be done, today we are going to show you how you can do it. Before we start, this article is based on, How to sharpen a hedge trimmer black and decker but you can use the same method to other blades if they are in the same manufacturing. So, are you guys ready? If you then stay till the last and sharpen your blade as easy as having a piece of cake.

For doing this task we will be going to need a few pieces of stuff like cleaning material, clean piece of cloth, a strong and high surface like a table, lubricating oil, and a flat file to sharpen up the blade. So, if all the pieces of stuff are ready then we are good to go, just follow the below steps and you trimmer blade will be ready to cut like a new one.

How To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker in 5 stepsHow To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker in 5 steps
How To Sharpen A Hedge Trimmer Black And Decker in 5 steps 5

Step one: (Cleaning the blades and align)

As we know, Black and decker trimmers have double blades and they have both side surfaces, so we need to clean them perfectly before we start the job. Wash them with water or any other cleaner then wipe them with a fresh clean cloth. If you see light dirt or rubbishes, brush it off with a brush and that should be enough. Next, we have to align the blades together and make sure all the teeth are in a straight line.

Step two: (Placing the blades over a strong surface and start sharping)

After we align the blades together and it is ready to sharpen, we have to place the trimmer set over a strong surface like a table or any other suitable place you want. You will see after aligning the blades they are now in a straight line and all the tooth has three surfaces to sharpen up. Right, left and the top.

Now take the flat file, hold the trimmer blades by one hand and use the other to Position the sharpening file along the blade and slide it outward in a quick motion, only going in one direction and start stroking. If you want you can do it with a sharping stone but that can take a little more time than this. After you start stroking, it will take 4-5 five strokes for each surface to get sharp. Make sure sharp all the three surfaces that we have mentioned earlier.

Step four: (Repeating the process and turn the blades)

After we are done with one tooth, repeat the process for all the teeth we have in our trimmer like the same way. Since you are done with all the tooth from one side, turn the blades over and start doing it with the other blade. Remember black and decker trimmers have double blades, so you have to do it for both the side. We are almost done guys only one thing left.

Step five: (Cleaning the blades put some lubricants)

When you are done with both sides, clean the blades with a soft-bristle brush or clean cloth to get rid of the dust, which was stored while sharping. The last thing we have to do is oil the blades with water displacement spray before storing. After doing all these steps perfectly, your trimmer is ready to go!


  • Before you start the task, please remove the battery pack or make sure your trimmer will not start anyway.
  • As you will work with the sharp blades, Wear safety glasses and cut-resistant gloves when sharpening the trimmer blade.
  • This task can be done by using a power grinder, but that is not suitable for all the time. Yes, it works faster and you don’t have to work that much harder, but it requires double-time safety and a few other pieces of stuff to work. Power grinders will produce a lot of power and for that, the blades will require strong holding and more carefulness.
  • In a nutshell, if you are a good user of the grinder then you should go for this way unless using a sharping stone or files are the easy and safest way for you to sharpen your black and decker hedge trimmer.

So, these were the simple and easy way to sharpen your Black and Decker hedge trimmer blades. I hope you all like the way we showed for sharping your trimmer blades, follow the guideline properly and enjoy your cutting like before. I hope this article will help you positively.

Happy Gardening!

How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmers

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