How to put a chain on a chainsaw

How To Put A Chain On A Chainsaw Easily In Simple 9 Steps

How to put a chain on a Chainsaw: There some common question of chainsaw users are; Which way to put a chain on a chainsaw?, how to put a chain on a husqvarna chainsaw?, how to put a chain back on an electric chainsaw?, how to put a chain back on a stihl chainsaw?, chainsaw chain tension?, how to put chain back on black and decker chainsaw?, how to put a chain back on a chainsaw?, how to put chain on chainsaw?, how to tighten chain on chainsaw?. In this article, I’m gonna answer these questions.

Many of us used Chainsaw but don’t know how to replace its chain. This article will help you by answering the question of how to put a chain on a chainsaw. We need Chainsaw basically for cutting wood and materials. It’s a very important machine that helps to cut wood smoothly and rapidly. However, one of the most important parts of this machine that works for cutting wood is the chain which is very durable. But it has a limited lifetime and after this time we need to replace it. In this article, we’ll know following things. 

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Let’s start.

How to put a chain on a chainsaw (Chainsaw chain replacement guide)

To put a chain on a chainsaw we need to follow some rules which are very important. The following points should be followed

How to put a chain on a chainsawHow to put a chain on a chainsaw

1. Separation of guide bar side plate

Most of the chainsaws used a side plate attached by two nuts. First, we need a wrench for unscrewing the nuts and removing the guide bar side plate. Some chainsaws use brakes that are attached to the guide bar side plate. In this case, the brake should be unlocked before removing the sprocket the plate. Without unlocking the brake removing the side plate will be very difficult or impossible.

Remove the guide bar side panelRemove the guide bar side panel

2. Relief the tension of the chain

After successfully removing the side plate the old chain is ready to remove. At this time, we have to pull the nose of the chainsaw bar as it is away from the chainsaw. After pulling the nose away from the chainsaw the tension of the chainsaw will release.

Release the Chain TensionRelease the Chain Tension

3. Remove the old chainsaw 

After the release of the tension, we can easily remove the old chainsaw from the guide bar. At this time, we should be careful that it doesn’t hurt our hand or finger. The chain is attached around the clutch drum. So we need to pull the drive links out of the guide bar that the chain comes out from the clutch drum.

Remove the Old Chainsaw ChainRemove the Old Chainsaw Chain

4. Loosening the tensioning screw

The position of the tensioning screw is inside of the guide. In this step, we need to locate the tensioning screw and loosen it a little. After loosening the screw it is ready to install a new chain.

Loosen the Tensioning ScrewLoosen the Tensioning Screw

5. Thread the new chain

New or recently sharpened chain is ready to thread in this step. We need to thread it around the clutch drum carefully. It is important that the drive links engage in the sprocket and around its nose during the threading. 

Thread the New Chain Onto the SawThread the New Chain Onto the Saw

6. Align the guide bar

After properly threading of the chainsaw chain around the clutch drum we need to put some tension into the side bar. That’s why we need to pull the nose away from the side bar. In this step, we need to make sure that the sidebar seat onto the adjustment pin.

Align the Guide BarAlign the Guide Bar

7. Replace the side plate

After properly align the guide bar the sidebar plate is ready to replace. We need to use wrench for this purpose. Nuts should be properly tighten but do not tighten the nuts down all the way. During the chain tightened it is important that the guide bar is allowed to move a little.

Replace the Side PlateReplace the Side Plate

8. Tighten the chain correctly

We need to use tension screws in this step. It helps to tight the chainsaw chain correctly. By using the tensioning screw we need to adjust the tension of the chainsaw.

Tighten the Chain to the Correct TensionTighten the Chain to the Correct Tension

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9. Tightening the side plate nuts

It is the last and final step of replacing a chain on a chainsaw. In this step, we need to tighten the nuts of the side plate with a wrench. After this the chainsaw is ready to work.

In summary, we suggest you follow the above instructions to replace chain on chainsaw. Follow them properly and enjoy your work.

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