How to grow peppermint from cuttings

Step-by-step How To Grow Peppermint From Cuttings

How to grow peppermint from cuttings: Peppermint is a popular aromatic herb mainly used as a spice. Peppermint is used for making many delicious kebabs, salads, Burhani, and sauces due to its aroma. Raw mint is most commonly used in chutneys and salads. Recently, the use of mint for the manufacture of sour yogurt and Burhani at various social events is increasing. Besides, mint leaves are used to make fish, meat, sauce, soup, stew, tea, tobacco, sorbet.

In European countries, mint leaves are used to make lamb roast and mint jelly. In different countries, mint is being used more to make peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is obtained from the mint plant. This oil is quite valuable. It is used in various industries especially medicine, toothpaste, mint chocolate, candy, chewing gum, and processed food. Menthol is also used in some brands of cigarettes. So the industrial value of the mint plant is higher.

Menthol and menthone are responsible for the acute scent of mint leaves. Every year we have a demand for hundreds of tons of raw mint leaves all over the world. Establishing a peppermint oil industry based on mint leaves can be financially lucrative as well as provide a lot of employment. For example in India, there is a demand for 5 tonnes of peppermint oil every year. It has been calculated that 10,000 acres of land are required to produce this amount of oil.

The United States produces more than 70% of the world’s supply of peppermint and spearmint. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Indiana, California, and Wisconsin are the top peppermint producing states while Washington, Oregon, Indiana, Idaho, and Michigan are the top spearmint producing states.

The demand for raw mint is high in the world market. Peppermint is a very small plant. The leaves are soft. Leaves ovate, grooved at the edges. The leaves are hairy, with a strong sweet smell. The height of the plant is 50 to 90 cm. Flier/Runners come out from the base of the tree. The tree grows fast and forms bushes. Its Japanese variety is good for cultivation.

Peppermint leaves have been used since ancient times. There was a time when 2 to 4 mint trees were planted in the backyard to meet the needs of the family. But now the situation has changed. The demand for mint in urban areas is increasing rapidly. Now, there is a need to cultivate mint commercially like other crops.

How to grow peppermint from cuttings

Preparation of land

Mint can be cultivated throughout the year. However, late March or early April is best grown. By planting mint cuttings in organic matter rich soil, mint can be cultivated throughout the year if irrigation is ensured in winter. Mint can be successfully cultivated in clay and loamy soils.

Preparation of cutting/seedlings

Preparation of cuttingPreparation of cutting
Preparation of cutting

Mint can be grown from seeds. But it is best to cultivate the mint from cutting. Cuttings from old fields should be planted in the seedbed or in hoppers. The length of the cutting will be 10 cm long. The mainland should be made at least 10 days before planting the cuttings. Because in the cuttings it takes only seven days to grow the roots. During cultivating the land it should be mixed well with 10 to 15 tonnes of cow dung per hectare.

Fertilizer application

At the time of making seedlings fertilizer should be applied on the mainland. For this, the required amount of organic and chemical fertilizers in 45 sq m of land is compost or well-decomposed cow dung 20 baskets or 20 kg; TSP 1 to 1.5 kg; Mop or wood ash 5 kg or 3 kg; Bone powder 3 kg. All these fertilizers should be mixed well with the soil while preparing the bed on the mainland. Cutting or planting seedlings in the bed, plant to plant distance should be 30 cm.


Weeds, garbage, and other visible objects need to be removed from the land. Mint land should be kept weed-free at all times.


Harvesting of mintHarvesting of mint
Harvesting of mint

When the tree starts to grow tall, cut 10 cm long branches and make a string of 10 to 15 branches and send them for sale in the market. One kg urea fertilizer should be applied after every 2 harvests. Crops should be harvested on a commercial basis every month. Mint can be harvested all year round.

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