How to clean patio furniture cushion

Basic 5 Tips On How To Clean Patio Furniture For Clean Patio

How to clean patio furniture, cushions, and tips for the clean patio: Patio furniture increases the beauty of the outdoors as it gives you much comfortable to spend your leisure time. In order to keep your patio furniture clean all year long, you need to maintain routine cleanings. You should clean your patio or outdoor furniture at least four times a year to achieve the best results.

  •  Before summer come
  •  Middle of the summer
  •  Late in the summer
  •  End of the summer

In the winter season, you should cover your furniture, and it is best to store them indoors if possible. To avoid failure or to achieve your desired result after cleaning, you should choose the perfect ingredients to clean your patio furniture, including woods, glass, cushion, chairbacks, metal, wicker, and plastic materials, deck box, best outdoor storage box too.

How to clean patio furniture cushion

Here we are going to give you some tips and tricks that could be effective in cleaning correctly.

How to clean patio furniture cushionHow to clean patio furniture cushion

Tips for cleaning cushion outdoors

In order to clean the outdoor cushion, you need the
following ingredients.

  • One-quart warm water
  • One tablespoon borax
  • One tablespoon dishwashing detergent

First of all, you have to saturate a sponge in those ingredients and use it to scrub the cushions. Or you can take the solution in a spray bottle and saturate cushions on each side, paying specific attention to the crevices and creases. Let the cushion wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. Spray the solution off with a hose using the excellent interaction of water.

Stand every cushion on its edge to drop the whole water and out of the sun directly to dry. Once the cushions become dry, spray with a fabric material protector. To get rid of mud or dust between cleanings, a vacuum is needed there or, if the cushions are small, simply shake them out.

Tips for cleaning wood and wicker

How to clean patio furniture cushionHow to clean patio furniture cushion

It is your regular duty to wipe out your wood and wicker with other wooden products in order to remove debris, dirt, water droplet, and sands to protect your patio furniture for a long time. Your regular time pass with cleaning them up makes them glossy, bright, and shiny forever.

And for deep cleaning, it is very easy to clean wood-related
products. To clean your wood and wicker outdoors, you just need the following

  • Murphy oil soap or any oil-based soap
  • Warm Water

Using murphy oil soap with water will help you remove grime
and dirt from your wood or wooden properties. You can buy this soap from any
market besides you. If you would like to prepare a solution in your home
instead of buying one, you can follow the following formula.

  • 1/4 cup ammonia
  • Two tablespoons of white vinegar
  • One quart of warm water

You just need to mix the solution and use it yourself. You
can use commercial wood cleaners as well in order to clean your patio

Tips for cleaning canvas seats and chair backs

How to clean patio furniture cushionHow to clean patio furniture cushion

It will be more comfortable with you for cleaning a canvas
seat if that canvas seat is removable. Most of the canvas chairs are now in the
market are removable and very easy to wash them. If the seat is not removable,
there is a solution as well. You just need

  • A scrub brush
  • Fels-Naptha laundry soap

You have to take the brush and run it across the soap back
and forth, then scrub the canvas. Wait for five to ten minutes and then rinse
them well. When you finished washing, you have to stand your cushions up on the
edge to dry fast.

Here is an extra tip if you have an old one. It means there
are some old-style lawn chairs made up of aluminum. If you would like to clean
them up, then you are going to require a plastic scrubber or fine steel wool.
It will help you efficiently cleaning the plain steel. Just use the soap or
detergents to scrub the chairs with that scrubber and rinse well and dry.

Tips for Cleaning metal, iron, and aluminum outdoor furniture

How to clean patio furniture cushionHow to clean patio furniture cushion

Cleaning metallic furniture is quite an essential and
challenging task to perform. Metallic products such as iron, aluminum, or steel
outdoor furniture have a common problem. The oxidation process results in
become rusty as well as the procedure causes decolorize of the furniture. Rust
turns the original color of your patio furniture into pale.

  • White vinegar
  • Water

Just make a 1:1 solution and use it to remove as many
defects as you can. You can use the metal polishing paste instead of using this

To protect its natural brightness and glow, wash your
metallic patio furniture repeatedly and remove scuff marks with a soft cloth
saturated with a nonabrasive cleaning product. You can deal with the rust by
rubbing it along with damaged paint. Wipe off metal sediments using a cloth
soaked in naphtha or mineral spirits. If you would like to re-paint your patio
furniture, don’t forget to use a rust-resistant primer before painting.

Tips for cleaning glass patio furniture

Tips for cleaning glass patio furnitureTips for cleaning glass patio furniture

Having glass patio furniture outdoors is relatively attractive, and it is very common as well. Most of the homeowners have their glass patio furniture in front of their room. And it is not difficult to clean them at all. You just need to be careful of scratches on the glass. Many of the scrubbers are too hard to rub a glass. So it is easy but challenging to perform the task of cleaning glasses without having any scratches on them. You just need here

  • Dish detergent
  • Water
  • Microfiber cloth or Paper towel
  • White vinegar

First of all, you should remove all types of stuck-on debris or dirty with a soft cloth. Then make a solution using your dish detergent and water. With the help of a paper towel, wipe down the glass surface. When you are done your primary cleaning, then you need to spray white vinegar on the surface of the glasses and wipe away with the help of a microfiber cloth towel.

You can use glass cleaner also instead of using vinegar. Don’t forget to clean the underside of the glasses as well. When you are not using your glass patio furniture, you should cover them in order to keep your outdoor glass furniture clean.

Overall, it may be said, we can say that, if we want to decorate indoor and outdoor we need to take care of our furniture.

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