How to clean a pellet smoker

Simple 6 Steps Of How To Clean A Pellet Smoker Deeply

How to clean a pellet smoker: We often want to have fun with our friends and family in our free time. There are several ways to spend our holidays, most of the time we choose to travel. We attend birthdays, offer our own parties, and much more festive that we enjoy together. However, regarding this all, we have a very common way to prepare our yummy food, and that is using a pellet smoker or wood pellet smoker. When it is about making BBQ or any type of grilled or baked food item we prefer this thing to make our task easy. However, pellet smokers really are useful things.

After using a pellet smoker we might face some issues when the party is over. Now the question is what is it? The common and most tiring issue is cleaning the smoker. Many of us didn’t even want to do that because we don’t know the process.  Whatever, it is important to clean this thing up for the next use, and today we are going to discuss the way you can do it easily.

There are certain things that we must know before we start this task because different manufacturer builds there smoker with different fittings and materials, but the best part is most of the time there cleaning remains the same.  So, without any further delay let us jump into the act.

How to clean a Pellet smoker: (User Guideline)

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Well, pellet smokers are like an outdoor convection oven. A pellet smoker can be used to smoke, wood pellet smoker grill, bake, and even braise food. Nearly anything you make in a standard oven can be made on a pellet smoker. So, if you love to have these types of foods then you must maintain your smoker in good condition.

If you want to change after every use, then it is okay, but most of us might not want to do that. Which is why regular cleaning and deep cleaning after a certain time is very important for your pellet smoker. From bellow the lines we will try to show you both ways of cleaning your pellet smoker in a most convenient way. Just stay until the last.

How to clean a pellet smokerHow to clean a pellet smoker

Regular maintenance of pellet smoker

1. First things first, always remove the ashes after using your pellet smoker. It is not a good idea to keep it inside the box. The reason behind, ash holds humidly and it can create byproducts that stimulate rusting. So, it is better to remove them after they get cooled enough and, dispose of them in an air tide container.

2. Whatever we make inside the pellet smoker, amongst the ingredients sauces and marinades are common, so the very next thing you have to clean after using the smoker is the fallen sauces or marinades off the surfaces. You can use unused cloth, or any kind of cleaning material you want, remember it will save the surface.

3. The very next thing is to brush off the grates using a nylon stubble brush.

4. While cooking the chamber that contains food captures oil, grease, or bits of food. So, removing them for the next use is very important, you can scrape out those using a putty knife

5. If you see any spots
that start to show rust, fawn them out with steel wool and re-season with beef
tallow or other high temperature cooking oil.

Deep cleaning the pellet smoker

cleaning pit boss pellet grillcleaning pit boss pellet grill

1. it is a very good idea to deep clean your pellet smoker after being used for many days, though you might be done the regular maintenance, but still a deep cleaning will ensure the same great taste and longevity. We will recommend you to leave the inside of the cooking chamber alone to retain the seasoning. But sometimes, you might have to start over from scratch.

2. The next thing you have to do is, make a clean burn. It will burn some residue and it will be easier to deal with what is left. Load the coal basket, light the fuel, and burst the vents with a wide opening. Make sure the smoker is far away from any flammable materials and keep watching the smoker while the process is going on. Allow the smoker to cool completely before you move on to the further step.

3. Rinse the smoker with warm water and a degreaser cleanser. Comprehensively wash and air drying the smoker.

4. Rust stain treatment is next. Use a wire brush to remove any deep rust or pitting. Burnish it with a fine scrape of metal or steel wool until removed. For outside exteriors, spray paint across areas including high-temperature paints.

5. Check the adjustment
of your thermometer. Stick the stem in boiling water and be sure it reads the
correct boiling point for your height (about 212 degrees Fahrenheit). Many
thermometers can be adjusted by turning the nut on the back of the thermometer
until the correct temperature is read.

6. It is important to Re-season
the pellet smoker. Rub down all surfaces, both interior and exterior with beef
tallow, or another high temperature cooking oil. Figure a fire and run the
smoker at 350°F for a few hours.

So, these are the two ways that can clean up your pellet smoker and also maintain its good health. It is important to buy a cover that will protect your pellet smoker from the harmful influence of water, dirt, and most of all, moisture. Always store the smoker in a dry place and make sure it is fully covered during the storage period. Before string, always cleans it up and after every use. Whenever you start cleaning start from the top, because whatever you are going to clean will drop down below, so be wise and do it in an easy way. Hope this article will help you out.

Thank you.

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