How to arrange indoor plants

How To Arrange Indoor Plants: 8 Ways To Display Houseplant

How to arrange indoor plants: It is not a matter in what kind of house we live in, every house can be decorated with plants. Plants can be easily displayed at home and give an attractive look to the house. Various types of plants can be used in the house to decorate, and with a proper displaying of the plants house becomes more elegant in look. Plants are natures creation, when we set plants in our houses it they give us similar natural breathing. They help us to get distressed and have a fresh start of our day.

How to arrange indoor plants

There may be various ideas to display the plants in the house to create a peaceful appearance in the house. Like –

1. Using wall pots

On the walls of hall room or drawing room or bedroom pinned pots can be installed. These pots can be made of plastic or may be of cement, sometimes bamboo pots of various designs are found in the market. Bamboo pots have a coating inside so that water or mud media do not release. These pots are pinned at the walls and various type of small plats like cactus, grasses or small ornamental plants are projected on them. By this the space looks very nice and classy. An easy chair can be placed aside of such walls. Its nice to seat beside a wall carrying plants as it gives fresh oxygen. This is how to arrange indoor plants.

How to arrange indoor plantsHow to arrange indoor plants
How To Arrange Indoor Plants: 8 Ways To Display Houseplant 15

2. Floating infrastructures on walls

Some shelf like infrastructures can be installed on an open wall of the house. And on the stages of the shelf many plants can be placed. Plastic pots of various colors are very attractive on this place. Drawing room space are very much appropriate for this idea. In the small pots whipping type plants can be stored or cactus of various sizes and variety can be a very good idea. Small tiny flowers of various colors look like stars on the wall. Red, blue, purple, pink all have very classy appearance in the house. They are also adjusted with the wall color. This is how to arrange indoor plants.

3. Using structures that carry trailing plant

This structures are mostly seen in the outdoor gardens. They can be made of wires of rods. In case of indoor decorations these structures are used in a designing way. Various interior designers use such models for indoor decorations. They can be made of wood so that it can have an appearance of furniture inside the house. Or it can be made of iron planks thin rods. Trailing plants trail on the structure and give an authentic look inside the house. These structures can be standed at one corner of the house or before a large wall. Plants like Devil’s ivy, philodendron, spider plants can be used for such decorations. This is how to arrange indoor plants.

How To Arrange Indoor Plants: 8 Ways To Display HouseplantHow To Arrange Indoor Plants: 8 Ways To Display Houseplant
Foldable Plant Shelf

4. Decorating the window sills

If the window sill of house is very deep it can be used properly for displaying of plants. The sunlight loving plants can be situated at this place. It becomes more effective when the window is east or south facing. In small pots of plastic or mud little cactus can be planted. Also plants like chrysanthemums, marigold can be placed.

Bonsai is another appropriate example for window sill. Various designer pots are also recommended for planting. As the window sill is a good looking site of a house. So it needs elegant pots and beautiful plants to be decorated. There are so many designs of pots like rounded, rectangled, flat, long, short etc. making the window sill better looking. This is how to arrange indoor plants.

How to arrange indoor plantsHow to arrange indoor plants

5. Use of towel racks on wall

On the walls of a room towel racks can be installed vertically or horizontally or parallelly one after another. Towel racks can be used to hang the small plant pots on them. They seem to be very cute to look in the house. If the wall color is white or off white red, purple, blue, black pots can be matching. It is a good displaying idea in the living room. It can be done also in the bed room for instance. This is how to arrange indoor plants.

6. Hanging with large rope

In a very big space above copper pipes can be installed. On that pots of plants can be hanged with a large rope length. It looks very charming from far away. Pots should be hanged in a safe distance, so that they do not have a clash with our head while walking. Hanging should be tight enough to avoid accidents. All the pots should be on the same horizon to look nice. This is how to arrange indoor plants.

How to arrange indoor plantsHow to arrange indoor plants

7. Use of carpet plants

Carpet plants are such plants those gradually spread all over the wall or floor within some time. They create adventitious roots from every nodes and captures the wall space tightly. After that grow further. These plants covers all the wall and make it a leafy wall other then concrete wall. For example wall carpet, bryum moss. Also climbing plants can be induced to climb over the wall and spread through. And for climbing , structures of various patterns can be introduced to the wall like snake pattern, circle pattern, zig zag pattern etc.

How to arrange indoor plantsHow to arrange indoor plants

8. Use of very big plant pots  

Big sized pots are recommended for the corners of big rooms, corners of the sofa set, corners of the bed, at the door side. There are different kinds of big pots. Made of copper, mud, wood , bamboo etc. In some markets pots with various designs are available. House looks supremely attractive to them. In these pots, bigger ornamental plants are planted. For example- colocasia, monstera, dumpcane, palm, pine, arica, etc. for displaying these plants need regular pruning, training practices. If not maintained they go bushy and the house becomes massy. The colors of the pots must be contrasting with the paint of the house.

how to arrange indoor plants how to arrange indoor plants

Plants remove the stress of man and give a sober feeling. They increase the fresh air inside the house and make. They create a pure environment for the children and the old of the house. At the same time houses become more beautiful and authentic in look. People who can’t afford to maintain plants inside the house they can attach photo frames containing pictures of plants and green nature. It also gives pleasure to the mind.   

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