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How To Aerate Your Lawn: Best 3 Methods Of Aerating The Lawn

How to aerate your lawn: For best looking of a lawn regular aeration is important. The main purpose of lawn aeration is to hold the beauty by alleviating the soil compaction. Compacted soil prevents the ability of oxygen and nutrients to the soil getting to the roots of the lawn.

Reducing the compaction of soil means aeration increases the flow of air water and nutrition to the soil. But here the big deal is how to aerate a lawn. For this now we are going to discuss the solution. It will make the process difficult to aerate when the soil is dry. If it is dry the soil should be watered the day before begin. To change the beauty of the lawn one to six inches deep pores change the look of the lawn after 3 to 4 weeks of aeration.

Aerating the lawn: How to aerate your lawn?

There are two methods to aerate your lawn. One is mechanical and the other is a chemical method. These methods will give you information about lawn aeration how to, aerating the lawn, aeration of a lawn, how to aerate your lawn by hand with a fork, what does aerating the lawn do, etc. Let’s go for it.

Mechanical methods of lawn aeration

These are widely used methods to aerate the lawn.

                    a) Spike aeration 

                    b) Core aeration and 

                    d) Defused air aeration

Chemical method of lawn aeration

Now, as technology is making our life easy and more perfect day today, the latest method for this work is the chemical method. 

So there are a total of four types or methods to aerate the lawn. These are discussed bellow with good and bad sides.

1. Spike aeration

Spike aeration punctures the soil with solid spikes and makes holes for oxygen and nutrition instead of removing plugs or cores of soil. This method is best for the soil that’s not heavily compacted. This type of aeration is also common in any area and aeration can be done in a short time. 

Mantis 1622 Power Triller Tines for Gardening, Brinly SAT-40BH Tow-Behind Spike Aerator are the popular spike aerating machines. There are some spike aerator shoes. For example Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Shoes, Shsyue Lawn Aerator Shoes, etc. are of some manually spike aeration shoes.

How To Aerate Your Lawn: Best 3 Methods Of Aerating The LawnHow To Aerate Your Lawn: Best 3 Methods Of Aerating The Lawn


  •  This method takes less time than other mechanical methods to aerate the lawn.
  • Spike aeration doesn’t remove soil.


  • This method is not suitable for extremely compacted soil.
  • The holes that spike aerator creates are less effective
  • Spike aerating machines make additional compactions in the areas around the holes.

2. Core aeration

Core aeration punctures the soil with solid spikes removing plugs or cores of soil and makes holes for nutrition and oxygen. The method is used when the soil is heavily compacted. It is the most popular type of aeration anywhere in the lawn aerating world. A large core aerating machine is pushed over the lawn to poke holes in the lawn bed.

 Yard butler ID-6C coring aerator, Green Works 14-Inch 10 amp corded dethatcher 27022, Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator, Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator are used as core aerating machine commonly. Some are hand core aerating machine. These can be used manually.  

best lawn dethatchersbest lawn dethatchers


  • Core aeration provides the root zone with greater access to air, water, and fertilizer.
  • This is the best method to aerate the extremely compacted soil that increases the availability of air, water, and nutrients to the lawn.
  • The holes that spike aerator creates are more effective.
  • .core aeration increases drought tolerance by improving drainage and enhancing the root growth of the lawn.


  • The pellets of the soil of core aeration litter the lawn yards.

3. Chemical or liquid aeration

It is a new method of aerating the lawn by spraying liquid. Core aeration and spike aeration methods create plugs or cores of soils that litter our yards for several weeks and that looks a little bit bad. If someone does not like those pellets of dirt, the chemical aeration method is for them. 

Chemical aeration is a treatment with an organic compound to increase penetration of air and nutrition and decrease the thatch on your lawn without using any aerating machine. Simple Lawn Solutions, Liquid lawn aerator, Aerify Plus, etc are the most used lawn aerating chemicals.

It’s becoming more popular because of its eco-friendly and easy and simple to aerate the lawn. The chemical method creates pores in the soil and that makes the soil like sponges. The pores easily absorb water and nutrition Liquid aeration is environment friendly. Microorganisms can grow well by this method of soil aeration. It is better for the improvement of soil structures. And also safe for children and pets.

There is the other type of aeration called the defused air aeration method. Defused air aeration is done by blowing air through the sewage and air is released in sewage by a diffuser. There are two types of diffusers. Plate diffuser and tube diffuser.

In general, the following steps of mechanical aeration are used to make an ugly lawn to an amazing lawn. 

  • If the lawn is dry, firstly watering should be done.
  • Mowing the lawn before aerating
  • Dethatching: less than half-inch thatching layer is beneficial to the lawn. Because it acts like an organic mulch that helps to conserve the moisture of the soil. But when the thatch layer is thick lawn suffers. At that time after mowing dethatching should be done for aeration.
  • Aerating the soil by a lawn aerator. The aerator will pull out plugs of the soil. The plugs should be left on the lawn to dry so that they break down easily. The cores or plugs will be decomposed within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Watering the lawn to help in the decomposition of thatch or plugs of soil.
  • Applying lawn fertilizers to supply nutrients to the lawn.
  • Watering should be done after 2-3 days throughout the next 3-4 weeks to hold the moisture in the soil.
  • Spreading the topsoil with compost that makes a ½ inch thick layer.
  • Sowing seeds
  • Settling seeds and finally rolling the lawn and wait 3-4 weeks to see the beautiful lawn. 

The liquid aeration process is very simple. Just collect the solution for lawn aeration and mix it with water at a given rate. Spray the mixed solution to the lawn properly. Finally, wait 3-4 weeks for the amazing deep green color of the lawn yard.

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