Grow Excellent Shipping Transit Time for Your Remote Business and Expand Across International Borders

Grow Excellent Shipping Transit Time for Your Remote Business and Expand Across International Borders

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The world market is recovering from the worldwide global pandemic that affected lives and businesses to a great extent.

Your enterprise needs vital information about recovering from intermittent delays caused by COVID-19.

Here are some of the changes implemented during the outbreak:

  • Delays in the Asian ports resulted from overbooked vessels, a shift in the shipping lanes, or omissions in the loading ports.
  • Temporary port closures affected parts of Shenzhen and Ningbo.
  • The congestion in UK ports contributed to an automatic re-routing to European ports, followed by a home return when they did not find an open landing slot.

Getting an overview of the entire shipping process and the timeliness factor involved in getting your goods across to you is a great way to plan for business. From determining your re-order levels to taking care of unforeseen shortages, it keeps business operational in the long term, ultimately satisfying your customers.

Planning ahead of time ensures smooth business operations, leading to peace of mind for you to tackle more critical aspects of your business.

Finally, here is all about revamping your business turnover with new shipping times from China to the UK.

The UK to China Transit Times

Generally, transit times refer to the time your goods spend on the water. It is also deemed the time a supplier takes to deliver goods to the business, the approximate time from the final factory output, transit time, and the door-to-door period required to make supply possible.

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Expected Time Shipping Goods from China to the UK

When shipping from the source country to the desired destination, the total time those goods take is vital to estimate the overall transit time.

Factoring in customs, loading, and unloading, the entire port process, and door-to-door delivery make a more approximate estimate. For a proper perspective, below is a breakdown of the standard transit times across the Chinese to the UK.

An expected time standard for transit when moving goods from China to the UK.

  • Northern China – Qingdao/Tianjin/Xinjiang- 32-40 days
  • Central China – Shanghai/ Ningbo – 28-30 days
  • Southern China – Guangzhou/Shenzhen – 23-25 days

For such estimates, adding at least 14 to 21 days from the estimated arrival date at the port will give you a more realistic date when the goods get to your business.

Because many parts of China exist separately, it may cost you a lot more to import goods from the region before they get across to you.

Simplifying the Door-to-Door Transit Time

If you are running your business on a specific schedule, you must at least have an overview of the dynamics involved with door-to-door transit times to plan for any challenges in delivery.Check out the entire, in-depth shipping process.

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Completion of Factory Processing

After your goods have been manufactured, they will be stored in the factory, waiting for transit. If you previously had an agreement with the supplier, they can quickly organise your goods to be moved to the port for you. When such is not the case, you need mechanisms to get your interests across the port, which is very demanding. It also becomes more hectic if you move your cargo in a landlocked country, with the port far away from the original point of manufacture.

Moving Your Goods Across the Port

You will need to wait at least seven days for customs clearance, loading, and offloading goods across the shared container to a warehouse to be placed on the quay before the final loading on the ship for ferrying across the water.

Sea Transit Time

The time spent on the water usually varies depending on where your goods are shipped from the globe. As seen above, transit time means the precise time that goods spend on the mass of water—sea shipping from China to the UK. –  a 35-day to 40- average.

Arrival at Port Destiny

Once your shipment arrives and gets to its destination, a reverse movement of goods occurs in the port. Such involves offloading, warehousing, unloading, customs clearance, and preparation for delivery, which takes another seven days to complete.

Anticipated Delivery Time

At the end of it all, the entire shipping process is approximately six weeks, anywhere in the United Kingdom, England, Wales, or Scotland.


You must add at least an extra week to counter unforeseen production schedules to the date your supplier provides you to maintain an optimum supply schedule that adequately meets your customers’ needs and wants.

Give China to UK professional sea shipping a call anytime and experience a hassle-free, customer-friendly, flawless transit.

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