Gardening for beginners step by step

Gardening For Beginners Step-by-step 11 Best Expert Picks

Gardening for beginners step by step: I like gardening since my childhood, I want to start gardening in a proper way, what should I need primarily..???

Human has some outstanding hobby like gardening, playing games, fishing, reading, watching TV, walking, entertaining, hunting, shopping, traveling, sewing, sleeping bicycling, writing, boating, motorcycling, dancing painting, running, horseback riding and so on. Among them gardening not only just a hobby it’s a source of pleasure, a source of money, passing the valuable time, working with nature, helping the environment, making a suitable place for living and so on.

Gardening for beginners step by step

So, gardening is the most influential hobby which exists in the human mind and it has a great effect on the environment. Whatever, before you start gardening you should have some primary knowledge about it which will help you to make a perfect garden. The necessary things about the making of a garden are given below-

1. Selection of Suitable place

The site where is considered for making a perfect garden should be selected carefully. The location of the site, the scope of growing plants, the condition of the soil, availability of sunlight, availability of water source, easy to perform in the intercultural operation and other facilities should be considered during choose the site.

2. Making boundary and fencing

After choosing a suitable site the second step is the demarcation of boundary and fencing. Making a boundary and is immensely important for taking care of the garden and excellent looking. Fencing helps to protect the garden from human action and animals attack. It especially needs to protect the growing seedlings.

3. Naming the garden and fixing a signboard

Attractive signboard should be fixed for the garden which inspires for taking care of its. It should be fixed at the front of the garden.

4. Making layout and design

Appropriate care, intercultural operation, the beauty of a garden depend on good layout and design. At the beginning of making the garden, you should plan a layout and a design of your desired garden on a paper.

5. Land improvement

Land should be improved by cutting grasses and root out of weeds and also digging the soil. Vegetation like unwanted vines in the garden should be removed otherwise it will hamper good gardening. Stones and stumps should be removed from the selected land. If there have any hole it should be filled up properly with soil otherwise it will create problems during irrigation. Land should be levelled properly that’s why planting seedlings become easier and water stagnation will not get sit for the future. You should use gardening tools to perform these work easily.

6. Making different sections

According to layout and design garden should be separate in different sections like seedbed, nursery bed, greenhouse, net house, lath house, pot yard, irrigation and drainage channel, storeroom, parking yard, working shade, compost shade. Garden which makes for commercial purposes should have an office, showroom, laboratory, packing yard, sales counter, threshing floor, roads, and pots, etc. should be separated and constructed properly step by step.

7. Tools, equipment and other materials

There are some tools, equipment, and materials should be needed;

You can read the article about most useful gardening tools.

Gardening tool bagSpadeKhurpiGarden shearSecateursBudding knife, Soil tester, Splitting axe Plant germination meter Leaf blowerGarden towel Handle shovel, Root slayer shovelGarden cutter clipperHand hoe

Hand pruner, scissors, Weed remover, Hedge trimmer, Digging claw, gardening gloves, Hand rake, Spiral hole digger, Harvest sickle, Hand dibber, Chainsaw, Storage rack, Grafting tapes, Rubber, Tag card, Wall hooks, Pocket pruner, Hedge shear, Sharpener, Garden hose reel, Hand cultivator, Budding knife, Grafting knife, Hand saw, Watering cane, Poly bag, Polythene, Pod tube, Rope, Balance ladder, Van, Rubber pipe, Fertilizer, Pesticide, etc.

8. Labor

Manager, skilled propagator, labors guard and other required manpower are to be appointed.

9. Arrangement of modern facilities

Arrangement of telephone, electricity, gas laboratory, library, greenhouse, lath house, net house, mist propagating unit etc. may be made.

10. Germplasm and other planting material collection

Germplasm and planting materials of common and rare species varieties and officially released varieties are to be collected and planted temporarily or permanently in proper place. Then the activities of nursery will have to be started.

11. Starting of gardening activities

Seedlings raising, grafting, budding, seed production, potting and basing of plants other activities will have to be performed as per schedule.

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